Saturday 6/10

7 rounds for time of:

75-lb. shoulder presses, 21 reps
21 back extensions

As most of our CrossFit SAC family knows, we put a lot of time/thought and care into our daily classes. It’s never just us rolling in 5 minutes before class starts and making things up as we go. We write a daily “lesson plan” for how each class should be executed that allows us to deliver a consistent experience throughout the day regardless of the particular coach you happen to be working with.

This process has become more refined for us as we continue to practice it but it has also changed due to my various roles with CrossFit Inc. outside of the gym. A small team of us have been working on delivering a LESSON PLAN OF THE DAY for workouts on both Instagram and Facebook. It’s been an interesting, humbling and fun experience to work on creating these plans for the greater CrossFit community and these plans are one of the reasons CrossFit SAC has decided to return to .com programming.

If you’re interested to see what it looks like you can head over to crossfittraining on Instagram. you’ll see one of our posts for daily lesson plans pop up about once a week. 

Here’s the one for today’s workout:


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