Thursday 6/29

For Load:

Hang Squat Clean 3×3
Front Squat 3×3
Split Jerk 3×3

Saturday 9am at the gym
Saturday 10am Water WOD at the Reardon’s

Why Weightlifters Need Cardio

Conventional wisdom would have us believe that to be a great weightlifter, Powerlifter or Olympic lifter, an athlete’s focus must be on, well, lifting. Conversely, to be a competitive runner, most of an athlete’s time should be spent pounding the pavement. What we are really discussing is Sport. Whether it is weightlifting, running, cycling or soccer, these are very specific sports. 

 For more read
For more read “What is Fitness?” from the CrossFit Journal. 

Notice what is waaay up at the very top of the pyramid? That’s right, Sport. Notice all the other training components underneath it? 

Many times people discover weightlifting through CrossFit and want to make that a point of focus. I get it, it’s fun, exciting and challenging. And honestly, it’s a lot easier to post a video of yourself PRing a lift on Instagram than it is to video yourself doing 200m repeats. However, if you truly want to improve your lifting, you need to improve your overall fitness, i.e. your base. 

Still not convinced? Just ask Mat Fraser. For those of you who didn’t know, reigning Games Champion Mat Fraser was an actual Olympic weightlifter, as in nationally ranked, lived at the Olympic Training Center level athlete. 

Conventional wisdom would say that starting CrossFit and incorporating more metabolic conditioning (cardio), would make him weaker. It turns out the opposite happened, he got stronger. Why? Because he became more fit. He improved his fitness base. Improving work capacity by training in all metabolic pathways allows for faster recovery, which means getting back to the barbell sooner, being able to handle higher volume in training and training the body to better develop the lactic threshold– training your body to efficiently utilize the by product of aerobic training that makes your muscles burn. 

If you are interested in developing your weightlifting (or any other specialty) skills, go for it! Just make sure to approach it for what it is, a sport. Don’t make that your sole form of training, don’t neglect your base. 


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