Monday 6/19

2017 Regional Event 2

21-15-9 reps for time of:
Dumbbell snatches
Ring dips

Men use an 80-lb. dumbbell
Women use a 55-lb. dumbbell

I remember when Kelly started with us in the winter of 2015. She has approached very workout and challenge with a can-do attitude and perseverance. I can’t wait to see what the rest of 2017 holds for her. 

I started at CrossFit SAC looking for something to supplement my OCR racing (aka Tough Mudder, Spartan) I wanted to improve strength and thought this would be the best place to start.


 Kelly during the 16.2 Open 
Kelly during the 16.2 Open 

My first impression of the gym was definitely the support from coaches and fellow members was incredible to see! Also the workouts were fun and challenging and I found myself setting goals and seeing my strength grow in ways I never thought possible! Which lead me to finding powerlifting as a true passion.


As I continued to learn more and more about powerlifting not just as a sport but even the culture behind it and the incredible passion and dedication it takes to be the best, I wanted in on it. That pure, brute and raw strength of you against you either moving that weight or the weight winning was a whole new world for me. I kept the idea of perusing Powerlifting more seriously to myself for almost a year until I sat down with Dave for a 20 minute goal setting consultation and laid it all out on the table. We set me up on a Powerlifting programming and I signed up for my first meet and then the real work started!


To really improve my skins we did a lot of accessory work for bench, a lot of heavy back squats and GHD work with bands. I saw significant improvements over the course of the 3 months I followed the program.

Currently I am prepping for my second USAPL  meet in November and I hope to crush even more PR’s then!

If you would like some help with goal setting, schedule a free 20 min Goal Setting Session with a coach! 

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