Saturday 6/17

For time:

150 single-unders
20 bar muscle-ups
10 squat cleans, 115 lb.
150 single-unders
15 bar muscle-ups
15 squat cleans, 115 lb.
150 single-unders
10 bar muscle-ups
20 squat cleans, 115 lb.
150 single-unders

Some of the fun of doing .com workouts:

1 – A video of CrossFit Games athletes failing at single unders

2 – A detailed lesson plan written by yours truly

A triplet of monostructural, gymnastics and weightlifting. 
The time frame for the best to complete this one is 8-12 minutes, for others it is in the 15-20 min range. A good gauge for completing this workout as prescribed is the ability to perform 5 bar muscle ups consecutively as well as the first set of squat cleans unbroken. 
This workout will tax athletes metabolically as well as technically. Moderate rep, moderate load squat cleans plus bar muscle-ups will mean breathing hard while facing technically challenging movements. Single unders, though less technical, are high rep and will aid in keeping the heart rate high. 

WHITEBOARD (3-minutes)
Intent of the Workout: 
    You will be breathing hard while facing technically demanding movements. Best success for most will come with small sets of bar muscle-ups and moving steadily through the cleans and double unders. 
Time domain: 
We are expecting most athletes to complete this in 15-20 minutes
Brief overview of scaling options: (see @crossfittraining WODscale 170509)
Remind athletes that additional scaling will take place during specific warm-up and that no matter how they scale the intent is for them to keep moving (and moving well) without long periods of staring at bars. 
GENERAL WARM UP (5-minutes)
3 rounds on your own
Use this time to assess for single under proficiency
35 single under + 8 kip swings
Squat Clean SPECIFIC WARM UP (10-minutes)
The goal here is for the coach to lead the athletes through the basic techniques of the clean and assess for proper loading
5 barbell front squat with empty barbell
Look for front squat points of performance
5 barbell hang muscle clean with empty barbell
Think “jump” the bar to the shoulders while driving the elbows around quickly into the rack position, ending with a loose fingertip grip and elbows high. 
5 barbell hang power clean with empty barbell
Still “jumping” the bar to the shoulders but now pulling under into a partial squat and reinforcing proper rack position and footwork
5 barbell hang squat clean with empty barbell
Emphasize pulling under the barbell and catching in a sound front squat
5 barbell squat clean with empty barbell
Athletes must remain patient until the barbell clears the knees then aim to “jump” barbell up and pull under into a sound front squat
… Take 3 more sets of 3 on your own to build up to working weight. 
Coach walks around ensuring each athlete is moving well and not choosing a load that is too heavy or too light. Remind athletes that their goal should be to choose a weight that allows an unbroken set of 10 to start, but that is still challenging.
Muscle-Up SPECIFIC WARM UP (10-minutes)
These drills are led & demo’d by the Coach to drill muscle up technique and to assess appropriate muscle-up scaling options (see WODscale for scaling options).
3 kip swings
Look for a shoulder initiated swing creating controlled momentum
If hanging from the bar is an issue have athletes stand on a box
3 kip swings with kip
Add a pop of the hip as well as a press down with the arms to begin vertical ascent
If hanging from the bar is an issue have athletes stand on a box
3 bar muscle-up
Reinforce swing from the shoulder and press down on the bar as well as aggressive turn over
Discuss muscle-up scaling options, help athletes find an appropriate version
Bathroom break
Remind athletes that additional scaling may occur during the workout
Continue to review scaling options with each athlete
Safety check to ensure adequate room around pull up bars and to drop barbells
Ensure athletes doing muscle ups are able to keep moving through reps
If athletes reach the 5 minute mark and aren’t finished with the first set of muscle ups they’ve chosen a scale that is too aggressive
Watch for excessive technical breakdown on either BMUs or cleans. If athletes are struggling to move soundly or if they are resting excessively, decrease the load or increase the scale for the Bmu.
Collect scores
200m walk as a class once everyone has finished
Clean up equipment
1 min Couch stretch each leg
1 min Lat stretch each arm
High fives!

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