Wednesday 5/31

3-3-3-3-3 reps

Yesterday was a great day to fine tune your rope climbing technique while getting some volume in and not having to worry about anything other than the rope climb.

Today is a similar approach, but we’re doing it with the snatch. 

Nicknamed “the world’s fastest lift”, the snatch is an amazing movement that both demands and develops high levels of most of the 10 general physical skills we have painted on our wall. For this reason, we often see snatches as part of the Regional or Games programming because those athletes who have taken the time to develop high levels of competency in the snatch have also developed a host of other abilities.

Check out the videos below for some snatch motivation for today.

Remember that the ladies in the video below were the fittest in the world in 2009. To even have a shot at qualifying for Regionals now women would likely need to be able to snatch in the 155-165 range.



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