Thursday 4/20

For time:
500m Row
50 Push Up
50 Hip Extension
400m Row
40 Push Up
40 Hip Extension
300m Row
30 Push Up
30 Hip Extension

Dear friends,


In over 7 years of business we’ve made a lot of progress thanks to our wonderful members. As many of you know we started out with just 1,500 sq/ft, limited equipment and a dream. Multiple expansions, lots of growth and tens of thousands of dollars worth of new gear and training later we’ve come a long, long way.

From the start we’ve always endeavored to provide you all with the best hour of your day. And to help each and every one of you to reach your goals, strive to better yourselves and generally improve the quality of your life. It’s no small task.

We always want to do what’s best for you, our members, but also what’s best for your gym so that it can remain the positive influence and supportive place you’ve come to know and love.

Our gym has always prided itself on being a gym that offers high quality coaching by knowledgeable and professional coaches. However, as I’m sure you all know there are many more hats that both Amy and I wear as gym owners that need our attention. We want to be able to offer more services to help you meet your goals, but have constantly been faced with the dilemma of taking a coach off the floor in order to do so. We simply can’t be everywhere. 

The changes we are making are with the intention of remedying this dilemma, where people will receive the quality coaching they should expect, and we can offer other programs by hiring more coaches to help at the gym. 


Looking forward, we are planning some changes to the gym and memberships:


In our gym, we teach consistency. Every wall ball is done below parallel; every class starts on time; we can say your fitness is improving because we test using consistent metrics.

Until this point, we’ve had only one glaring inconsistency, but now we’re remedying that. Now I can proudly say there’s no chance anyone in your group will receive the same excellent service for less money than you pay. This has been a point of embarrassment for me in the past: that two highly-valued members of our community can derive the same fitness – and joy – from a class and pay two different fees.

In our 7 years of business we’ve never changed what we charge existing members. But in order to continue to provide the type of service and environment you’ve become accustomed to we need to make a change. 

We are changing our 3X a week membership to a 12 classes per month offering. This will allow members the flexibility to “make up” a missed class if they are out of town or sick. Or if they know they’ll be out of town they can attend extra classes in the time leading up to their trip. In addition, we are also rolling out an 8 classes per month membership for $120/month.  

Effective May 1, all members will be brought to our 2017 rate of $135/month for 12 Classes OR $165/month for Unlimited Classes. Since we love you all, we’ll also cease “special case” discounts on that date, that includes our LEO, MIL and First Responder rates (unless you are still under your initial 3 month contract of course).

If you believe this places a surprise burden on your budget, you may prepay for up to 2 months in advance at your current rate. This payment is due before May 1.

If you believe that your case warrants a different arrangement from everyone else at the gym, you can email me directly at

We’re really looking forward to our “Fittest On Earth” viewing party in the beginning of May as well as 80’s Night: Prom Edition in June. 

We have come a long way since the early days of CrossFit SAC and we have each and every one of you to thank for helping us grow as a facility, as trainers, and as people. We understand that change isn’t always easy, but sometimes necessary.

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