Thursday 4/13

AMRAP 20 Min

5 Pull Up
10 Push Up
15 Squat

SEE 10/27

We are proud to announce that our very own Kevin King will be putting on his first Getting Gymnasty With It course for all of you! Just like it sounds, he’ll be focusing on ways to improve your gymnastics skills and how they apply to increasing your overall fitness.

Featuring 10 classes split into 5 weeks with classes meeting at 5 pm on Tuesday and Thursday for 30-45 minutes, this course is for you if you:  

-want to be better at pull ups

-wish you had better handstands

-know that improving your gymnastics skills will help your weightlifting

-like hanging out with your friends who are also taking the course

The prerequisites for the class are pretty low, all he asks is that you can do:

1 kipping pull up
1 toe-to-bar
1 wall walk to handstand (against the wall)
transitions on low rings
air squats
a prone support hold (top of the push up position)

If you said, “me, me, me… also me” while you were reading down the list you’re good to go!

You can start to get Gymnasty with Kevin on May 2, so stay tuned for sign up info and feel free to ask a coach for more details if you feel like you need them (you really don’t, if you want to be better at controlling your body you owe it to yourself to give this a shot).

And the best news? It’s only $100 for the whole series!

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