Tuesday 4/11

10×2 Banded Box Front Squat @ 50%

2 attempts @ 10 RM

5×5 Partner Glute Ham Raise

2×20 Banded Y pulls
2×20 Banded T pulls

From Calvin

I love functional fitness and all its benefits. I wanna live longer. I wanna be fit and perform at high levels. I wanna PR my Fran time and my Back Squat. But also I wanna look good in fitted clothing. I want Jason Khalipas triceps. I want to feel good at the beach. (even if i catch fire). Point is, sometimes you just got to (in the vernacular) “Get Swole”. Here’s a video that shows really fit people doing some stuff that people wouldn’t normally first associate being “CrossFit”. However since we employ all styles of training methods, can’t we all just get along? 🙂

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