Monday 4/3

1 Snatch on the minute for 20 minutes


As some of you already know we’re in the process of changing some of the ways in which we do things here at CrossFit SAC. First among them is how we start new athletes out. 

We’re adjusting course to a private 15-20 minute Goal Setting Consultation for our first meeting which then rolls into 5 30 min personal training appointments before they chose if they’d like to continue with personal training or join our group classes.

With this change also opens up the opportunity for ALL current members to book the same Goal Setting Consultation to ensure that you’re getting your needs met and are achieving the things you set out to do.

To set up your own Goal Setting Consultation, simply head to the website and click on the GET STARTED tab to set it up.

These changes will allow us to offer an even better service to new members and also to increase the level of attention we can pay to all of you current members. 

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