Wednesday 3/8

Weighted Pull up

Deficit HSPU

*** REMINDER ***

This weekend we’re hosting a CrossFit Kids Seminar. As a result, instead of a morning session this weekend we’ll be hosting SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER. Starting at roughly 6pm we’ll be running people through heats of 17.3. If you’re unable to attend at that time it is your responsibility to complete this week’s workout at another time. There will be NO CLASSES available on Sunday. 

Intramural Open Results

Overall Winner: Handstand Heroes

Here’s the breakdown:

Team Totals

  Deep Snatch 9: 26
  Glitter and Grit: 27
  Racks and SAC’s: 23
  Handstand Heroes: 33

Athlete participation: (1 Point per athlete)
  Deep Snatch 9: 20
  Glitter and Grit: 19
  Racks and SAC’s: 19
  Handstand Heroes: 18

Top Scores (1 Point per athlete)
Men RX
   1st Kevin – Glitter and Grit
   2nd Johnny – Glitter and Grit
   3rd  Mike – Deep Snatch 9

Women RX
    1st  Kelly M – Glitter and Grit
   2nd Briana – Racks and SAC’s
   3rd Victoria – Handstand Heroes

Men Scaled
   1st Peter – Handstand Heroes
   2nd Phillip – Deep Snatch 9
   3rd Carlos – Glitter and Grit

Women Scaled
   1st Jess M – Deep Snatch 9
   2nd Kim B – Racks and SAC’s
   3rd Melanie – Deep Snatch 9

Top Masters RX
   Cheryl – Racks and SAC’s
   Diana – Handstand Heroes
   Howard – Glitter and Grit
Top Masters Scaled
    Kerri – Handstand Heroes
   Tim R- Glitter and Grit
  Julie – Racks and SAC’s

First Pull Ups
Jess M – Deep Snatch 9
Melanie – Deep Snatch 9
Jill – Handstand Heroes
Carlos – Glitter and Grit
Kerrie (Jumping C2B) – Handstand Heroes

First Bar Muscle Up
Victoria – Handstand Heroes

First Toes-to-Bar
Howard – Glitter and Grit


Most Participation in the #whyICrossFit team challenge (3 points):
Handstand Heroes (11 participants) 

Spirit of the Open
Handstand Heroes
   We were impressed with the generous display from Handstand Heroes. This celebration of movement firsts really embodied what the Open means for so many people– rising to the occasion and doing something they have never done before. 

Next Week’s Challenge:
Team Spirit– Yes, it is vague, but show up with some team pride and leave no doubt what team you are on! 

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