Monday 3/6

4 Rounds for Reps:

1min of:
20 Alternating Box Step ups 24″/20″ 
Max rep Double Under

1 Min of:
20 KB SDHP 70/53
Max Rep double Under

1 Min Rest

*** REMINDER ***

This weekend we’re hosting a CrossFit Kids Seminar. As a result, instead of a morning session this weekend we’ll be hosting SATURDAY NIGHT FEVER. Starting at roughly 6pm we’ll be running people through heats of 17.3. If you’re unable to attend at that time it is your responsibility to complete this week’s workout at another time. There will be NO CLASSES available on Sunday. 

We’re entering the 3rd week of the Open. Have you discovered anything new about yourself yet? Have you been able to let go of being “realistic” and instead embraced the possibilities of your capabilities?

Here’s some food for thought.  

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