Saturday 4/1

For load/distance/time:

1 mile DB Overhead Walking Lunge @ 50/30
90 DB Thruster (max load unbroken)
2 mile DB Overhead Walking Lunge @ 70/50
180 DB Thruster @ 150% of load from first round
Max distance unbroken overhead carry @ 135/95
Bear crawl same distance @ 135/95
200 Leg Press @ 225/155
Max distance DB Broad Jump @ 45/30

17.5 Showed us that as a gym we could improve our thruster endurance and 17.2 showed us that we could work on our weighted lunges. Today gives us a chance to improve upon both of those as well as some other things that are a little less common.

Don’t worry, just like every other day we can absolutely scale/adjust what’s on the whiteboard to everyone’s fitness level. While we’ll certainly have some folks get through this workout as prescribed in 20 minutes or so, we cal also scale it to make it accessible to the rest of us.

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