Wednesday 3/22

For 12 Min 3,6,9… etc
Hang Power Clean @ 155/105
Bar Facing Burpee

17.4 Open Intramural Results
This was the week of the split time, where a few seconds meant the difference between first and second place, or making the top 3 the in some instances. This week was also a retest of 16.4 and saw a tremendous amount of PR’s over last year’s scores. 

Congratulations to Racks and SAC’s for taking top team this week!

Team Totals

  Deep Snatch 9: 26
  Glitter and Grit: 28
  Racks and SAC’s: 40 – Spirit of the Open Winner!
  Handstand Heroes: 37

Athlete participation: (1 Point per athlete)
  Deep Snatch 9: 19
  Glitter and Grit: 15
  Racks and SAC’s: 18
  Handstand Heroes: 19

Top Scores (1 Point per athlete)
Men RX
   1st Mike – Deep Snatch 9
   2nd Kevin- Glitter and Grit
   3rd  Johnny- Glitter and Grit

Women RX
    1st  Kelly M – Glitter and Grit
   2nd Briana – Racks and SAC’s
   3rd Carsen – Handstand Heroes

Men Scaled
   1st Kyle – Handstand Heroes
   2nd Phillip – Deep Snatch 9
   3rd Mark – Handstand Heroes 

Women Scaled
   1st Jillian – Handstand Heroes
   2nd – Jenn Handstand Heroes
   3rd Ashley – Glitter and Grit

Top Masters RX
   Kerrie – Handstand Heroes
   Cheryl – Racks and SAC’s
   Diana – Handstand Heroes
Top Masters Scaled
   Tim – Glitter and Grit
   Mary – Glitter and Grit
   Julie – Racks and SAC’s

First HSPU
Nikki – Handstand Heroes

Deadlift PR
Julie – Racks and SAC’s 

PR of 16.4’s score
Tim H – Glitter and Grit
Carlos – Glitter and Grit
Kevin – Glitter and Grit
Kelly M – Glitter and Grit
Kelly P – Glitter and Grit
Jessica B – Glitter and Grit
Ashley – Glitter and Grit
Cale – Racks and SAC’s
Cheryl – Racks and SAC’s
Kirill – Racks and SAC’s
Tracy – Racks and SAC’s
Elena – Racks and SAC’s
Kim – Racks and SAC’s
Justin – Racks and SAC’s
Jeanette – Racks and SAC’s
Jeremy – Racks and SAC’s
Ryan – Racks and SAC’s
Carsen – Handstand Heroes
Victoria – Handstand Heroes
Katy – Handstand Heroes
Lesley – Handstand Heroes
Nikki – Handstand Heroes
Chad – Handstand Heroes
Monique – Handstand Heroes
Luka – Deep Snatch 9
Brett – Deep Snatch 9
Mike – Deep Snatch 9
Amber – Deep Snatch 9
Anson – Deep Snatch 9

Team Challenge: Team Chant (3 Points)
Good job Racks and SAC’s and Handstand Heroes for putting together a team chant! From the feedback we received, no one really enjoyed it, but good job getting out there and giving it your all! 

Spirit of the Open (5 Points)
We would like to recognize Wendy this week and award her and Racks and SAC’s Spirit of the Open. Just before the start of the Open, Wendy found out that she would likely not be able to participate in all the Open workouts but still wanted to be a part of her team. Wendy still shows up to cheer on her team,  judg, set up  and is always willing jump in and do what needs to be done. Thank you Wendy! 

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