Monday 3/20

5 Rounds for time:
10 DB Thrusters 45/30
10 C2B Pull up
20 Abmat Situps

Last Team Challenge

Team Bingo!
This last team challenge is worth 3 points. 
The rules are simple:

  1. The first team to get a Bingo (4 tasks plus the free center space across, down or diagonally) wins. 
  2. Pictures/video (tagged/posted as specified) or it didn’t happen.

Here are the tasks:

  • Team 300 cal bike*

  • PR a workout*

  • Write your Transformation Story and Submit to Dave ( for the blog

  • Tag us on Social Media wearing CF SAC Swag doing a movement

  • Human Pyramid (at least 6 people from the team, be safe!)*

  • Spell out something CrossFit related with team members*

  • Complete 50 Synchronized burpees with at least one other teammate**

  • Write a Review of CF SAC on Google

  • Do a handstand somewhere other than the gym*

  • Team 10K row*

  • Post to the “CF SAC” Facebook group about someone in the gym who motivates you

  • Team 1 mile walking lunge (around the block, as a team, one person working at a time)*

*Pictures or video required, tag CrossFit SAC on FB or @crossfitsac on IG
**Video required (time lapse is fine)

Each challenge appears twice on the Bingo card. Each team has the same card. No, you do not get to see the card. Where’s the fun in that? The more tasks your team completes, the better your chances of winning. 

This challenge starts Sunday 3/19

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