Wednesday 3/15

For Time: 
Cal Row 70/50
800m Run
70 Walking Lunge Steps

17.3 Open Intramural Results

Congratulations to Glitter and Grit for edging out Racks and SAC’s and Handstand Heroes, taking the top spot this week!

Here’s a breakdown of the points:

Overall Winner: Glitter and Grit

Team Totals

  Deep Snatch 9: 26
  Glitter and Grit: 31
  Racks and SAC’s: 30
  Handstand Heroes: 33

Athlete participation: (1 Point per athlete)
  Deep Snatch 9: 19
  Glitter and Grit: 19
  Racks and SAC’s: 20
  Handstand Heroes: 19

Top Scores (1 Point per athlete)
Men RX
   1st Mike – Deep Snatch 9
   2nd Kevin- Glitter and Grit
   3rd  Kirill – Racks and SAC’s

Women RX
    1st  Kelly M – Glitter and Grit
   2nd Briana – Racks and SAC’s
   3rd Victoria – Handstand Heroes

Men Scaled
   1st Tim H – Glitter and Grit
   2nd Phillip – Deep Snatch 9
   3rd Cody – Racks and SAC’s 

Women Scaled
   1st Lesley – Handstand Heroes
   2nd Ashley – Glitter and Grit
   3rd Tracy – Racks and SAC’s 

Top Masters RX
   Cheryl – Racks and SAC’s
   Diana – Handstand Heroes
   Howard – Glitter and Grit
Top Masters Scaled
   Kerri – Handstand Heroes
   Mary – Glitter and Grit
   Julie – Racks and SAC’s

First Chest-to-bar Pull Ups
Brian – Handstand Heroes
Peter – Handstand Heroes
Jess C- Deep Snatch 9
Jess E – Deep Snatch 9
Cale – Racks and SAC’s

Snatch PR
Howard – Glitter and Grit
Allison – Glitter and Grit
Jimmy – Glitter and Grit
Will – Deep Snatch 9
Ian – Deep Snatch 9
Brandon – Deep Snatch 9
Jeremy – Racks and SAC’s
Ryan – Racks and SAC’s
Briana – Racks and SAC’s
Nikki – Handstand Heroes
Chloe – Handstand Heroes
Monique – Handstand Heroes

Team Challenge: Team Spirit (3 Points)
Glitter and Grit
We were impressed by the signs and PR stickers Glitter and Grit brought to help celebrate the accomplishments of their teammates. And let’s face it, we can’t get enough of Jimmy in that tutu! We also enjoyed their creative way of using instant breakfast cereal to help spread team cheer. 

Spirit of the Open
Chad – Handstand Heroes
We want to recognize Chad, co-captain of Handstand Heroes as an example of the Sprit of the Open. Throughout the last three weeks he has demonstrated leadership, teamwork and encouragement for the Open Intramural, not just with his team but also among other teams as well. Thank you Chad for your help and enthusiasm! 

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