Wednesday 3/1

5 Rounds for Reps:
Max Effort Body Weight Bench Press
1 Min Max Calorie Row

Rest as needed

The score submission deadline extension delayed the announcement of the winning team. Next time you see the members of Deep Snatch 9 and Handstand Heroes give them a high five because they tied to win the first week of the Open Intramural! Not only do they get the pride of starting off the Open with a win, but they also get some fun bonus swag! 

Here’s the breakdown: 

Team Totals

   Deep Snatch 9: 30
  Glitter and Grit: 26
  Racks and SAC’s: 29
  Handstand Heroes: 30

Athlete participation: (1 Point per athlete)
  Deep Snatch 9: 21 points
  Glitter and Grit: 19
  Racks and SAC’s:22
  Handstand Heroes: 20

Top Scores (1 Point per athlete)
Men RX
   1st Mike D- Deep Snatch 9
   2nd Kevin – Glitter and Grit
   3rd Will – Deep Snatch 9

Women RX
    1st  Carsen- Handstand Heroes
   2nd Jess B – Glitter and Grit
   3rd Monique- Handstand Heroes

Men Scaled
   1st Raul Racks and SAC’s
   2nd Cody Racks and SAC’s
   3rd Linus Racks and SAC’s

Women Scaled
   1st Mel – Deep Snatch 9
   2nd Virginia- Racks and SAC’s
   3rd Jenn B – Handstand Heroes

Top Masters RX
Cheryl – Racks and SAC’s
   Diana – Handstand Heroes
   Wendy – Racks and SAC’s

Top Masters Scaled
    Kerri – Handstand Heroes
   Tim R- Glitter and Grit
   Shelley – Deep Snatch 9

   Glitter and Grit – 4
   Racks and SAC’s -1
  Handstand Heroes

Best Team Photo – 3 Points
Handstand Heroes

Spirit of the Open- 5 Points
Deep Snatch 9 for the team letter sent out by co-captain Mike D, shared below with his permission:

Crew of Deep Snatch Nine, this is your Captain speaking, welcome to the finest crew Crossfit SAC Command has to offer. We will be embarking into the unknown, toward which we have striven these last many months. Our five week mission, boldly go where no crossfitter has gone before, the Open of 2017.  Our task will not be an easy one. Our enemy, the devil that is Dave Castro is well trained, well equipped, and battle-hardened. The line must be drawn here, this far, no further. We’ve been lucky and been sent on this mission with three other fine teams as well. We must work together to bring the best out in all of us, showing each other what was once thought impossible to be true. Many will discover you have more to give than you think and able to bring that out in others. I have full confidence in each crew members  ability to give it their all. The Devil that is Castro will not defeat us, we will keep our heads high and prevail!! Good luck! So say we all!


Next Week’s Challenge:

It’s another photo challenge, but this time it’s an individual effort. The team with the most pictures posted that follow the guidelines below wins 3 points.

The picture must be posted/shared/tag either the CrossFit SAC Facebook of IG page by Sunday at 5 pm with the following hashtags:

  • #whyICrossFit
  • #CrossFitSAC
  • #Teamname
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