Monday 2/27

For 25 Min, 1 min at each station:

10 Push Jerk @ 115/75
10 Chest to Bar Pull Up
10 Toe 2 Bar
10 Front Rack Lunge @ 115/75
30 Sec Double Under

Today’s WOD is a bit different than one’s we typically do. It’s designed to allow our folks to get some practice and reps in at some of the movements that we might expect to see in the coming weeks. 

Essentially, it’s 5 rounds of each of the movements listed above but you’ll only ever do the number of reps listed. So for example in the first minute, you’ll perform 10 Push Jerks and then rest for the remainder of that minute. When you rotate you’ll do 10 Chest 2 Bar Pull Ups and again rest the remainder of the minute. 

The goal isn’t to do a max set each minute, but rather just enough to create some fatigue in that movement and allow some practice time and the ability to accumulate some volume in each of the movements for the day. 

Depending on how this goes we may or may not be doing similar workouts to this one in the weeks to come in order to more effectively prepare our athletes for upcoming Open workouts.

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