Wednesday 2/15

Lower Body Dynamic Effort

10×2 Banded Front Squat to box

3×10 Deadlift pin hold below knee cap

3×10 Good Morning for load

Partner glute ham raise 5×5

200 banded good morning

Live Sore will have a pop-up store at the gym tonight from 4-8pm


Hey guys it’s Calvin.

As you all know, the open season is upon us. As some of you may not know, I will be doing weekly programming during the Open just like last year. Dave has handed me this honor and responsibility in order to up hold his values to not bias our programming in any way or gear it toward an advantage in our gyms performance in the Open. I will do my absolute best to provide you with well balanced and challenging workouts without compromising any of your abilities to achieve the best possible Open workout scores. As I will not know ANY of the workouts until you do, that may mean some last minute changes and/or a few accidental repeat movements during the weeks to come. Please bear with me as we take this journey together and know that I have nothing but your safety and success in mind. Let’s have some fun.

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