Monday 12/04

Five rounds for time of:

7 Deadlift 275/185
30 Squats
7 Handstand push-ups

There is a lot to appreciate about this video, one is how young and small (as in not-so beefy) Chris Spealler looks. Also, this was the equivalent of Regionals back in 2009. However, I want you to look at how he is moving. He is hauling butt and doing it well (though his finish position on the squats could be better). When you come in today to do the WOD, I want you to chase the intensity, channel your inner Spealler. Don’t worry about “going prescribed,” concern yourself with going hard and fast and still moving well.

It’s important to remember that having “Rx” next to your name isn’t the be all, end all of fitness. Doing the workout slow or sloppy without modification is only going to hinder your progress. Going with a scale (it’s okay if that word stings a little) that allows you to move well and quickly (when appropriate) is what is going to get you towards your fitness goals (and, yes, closer to being able to go Rx’d).



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