Friday 12/29

For time
50 Overhead Squat @ 135/95
*each time you drop the bar perform 50 double under

SEE 11/12/16

The following excerpt is from an article about Victor Oladipo. Since most of you likely don’t know who he is I’ll give you a bit of background. Victor is an NBA player, a high draft pick from a few years ago who has largely failed to live up to his potential. Until now. Check out the biggest change he made and how it’s helped him. 

What I want YOU to focus on with this story is two things:

First, this example is an already elite level performer. A professional athlete who by all accounts was very fit to begin with. By reworking his nutrition program he has made tremendous strides in his performance.

Second, what lessons can you take from this story that you can apply to your own life, goals and lifestyle?



Victor Oladipo Is Back for the First Time

A new offseason regimen and a new opportunity back in Indiana has helped turn the Pacers guard into the surprise breakout star of the NBA season

By Kevin O’Connor  Dec 13, 2017, 8:30am EST

When Oladipo began his quest in May, DBC Fitness ran him through 64 orthopedic measurements, with the goal of designing an individualized program for each athlete. DBC owner David Alexander said the results showed that Oladipo’s training, nutrition, sleep, and weight all weren’t where they could be. He didn’t have proper knee flexion and hip range of motion, so stretches and exercises were designed to restore his strength, mobility, and flexibility. He also had a high-carbohydrate-and-processed-food diet, so DBC aimed to not just put him on a new meal plan, but change his lifestyle. “If it didn’t come from earth, you can’t eat it,” Alexander said he told Oladipo. “If it didn’t swim, crawl, run, or grow, you can’t eat it.”

Oladipo immediately removed flour, fast food, refined sugars, and gluten as instructed. Alexander was amazed at how quickly Oladipo adapted because many of his clients can’t quit cold turkey. “He literally was a robot,” Alexander said. “He woke up one day, and that was it.”

After three weeks in Miami, Oladipo posted a glo-up photo in mid-June.

Those abs aren’t Photoshopped. Oladipo might’ve been training in Miami, but Alexander said he wasn’t indulging in the nightlife. He followed his new nutrition plan, drank a gallon of water a day, and underwent two-a-day workouts. Wade said Oladipo transformed his mind down in Miami. (Robotic, indeed.) His mornings started with skill-enhancement training with I’m Possible Training, then he went over to work at DBC Fitness, went home to nap, and returned to DBC for recovery and treatment.

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