Tuesday 11/7

Complete as many rounds as possible in 15 minutes of:
•50-ft. handstand walk
•50-ft. broad jump
•50-ft. lunge

Hey guys! I don’t know about you but I’m sore! Not because this week was particularly gnarly or anything but I feel like that’s one of the things we kind of accept when we devote ourselves to fitness and health. Now, I wouldn’t say I feel “beat up” on a regular basis and if I did, I’d probably want to take a look at my sleep and nutrition for my recovery. However when we spend our time working out and pushing ourselves like we do we’re bound to get soreness and fatigue eventually. Hence why we have brand labels in our community like ” Live Sore”. 

This is usually due to our mantra of ” Constantly Varied Functional Movement Performed at High Intensity”. So were always working all these points on our bodies so to balance our our fitness. Recently in our programming we’ve seen a bit more repetition in our movement and muscular usage. This can be a surprising sometimes because we expect a constant rotation of exercises and when we see one or more things make repeat appearances, we get confused and even frustrated. Just realize this is by design as well. If you EXPECT to always have something new and fully recover from a movement before doing it again, your body will be forced to adapt to doing it again sooner than expected. This causes growth of your fitness! Many times i’ll see hamstring focuses like a workout with a bunch of squats and then a day later see a 5×5 back squat and think ” there’s no freaking way!” But then, day of, we see all these red numbers! So there is some method to the madness.

Other movements that cause more external stress on the body can be a bit different though. Rope climbs that eat up leg skin or ( my most frustrating scenario) a bunch of muscle ups or pull ups or toes to bar close together in the week can be scary because of wear and tear on the outside of your body. This may mean a torn callus or rope burn which may affect your next WOD. This is understandably challenging. However, one thing I know about our gym as a whole is we tend to rise to the challenge and overcome because as it turns out, we’re pretty much bad asses. 

Point is no matter what get’s thrown at us, we can take it. Main Site can’t scare us any more. I say bring it on!

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