Wednesday 11/22

For time:
•115-lb. overhead squats, 30 reps
•15 muscle-ups
•115-lb. overhead squats, 20 reps
•10 muscle-ups

*** REMINDER ***

In case you didn’t know, tomorrow is Thanksgiving! That means the gym will be closed on Thursday and Friday this week. Come on back in Saturday morning for some post-turkey-day fun!

Amy talked Monday about our constant pursuit of virtuosity in our training. Specifically, she mentioned how small technical shortcomings in the air squat can cause major issues once we get to the overhead squat. 

Take a look at the video below – while it’s fun to post these so that our folks can get an idea of what to expect I like posting them more because I think it’s really cool to think that half a world away there are groups of people working hard in the same ways we are.

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