Thursday 11/2

7 2-minute rounds of:
25/17 cal. row
Max Rep Jerk 205/145

There is no rest between rounds.

Post total number of jerks completed.

We are excited to announce that we are now carrying FITAID at our Box.

This decision, quite frankly, is something that we did not come to lightly. We have always tried to be a gym that sold fitness (and the occasional T-shirts). The reason we decided to carry FITAID was their introduction of the Fuel food pouch, which is a great option when you show up to the gym and haven’t eaten in five hours. The pouch contains real food, grass-fed whey protein, and no caffeine. Whether it is a FITAID pouch or a supplement of your choosing, the goal is to eat real food first and utilize supplements for times when it’s impractical to have real food, or when life gets in the way and that is your best choice. These items should never be a replacement for real food. 

In the next few days, we will have a mini-refrigerator supplied with pouches and FITAID RX drinks. They can be purchased through the Zen Planner Kiosk which will be set up on an iPad next to the fridge. 

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