Saturday 10/14

For Load
Push Press

The other day a member asked me if I had been sick. They had noticed my scores posted on SugarWOD seemed low (thanks for noticing, Howard!). But the fact of the matter is I haven’t been killing it in the gym. Food hasn’t been the best, work is taking a lot of mental energy and I just don’t have the drive and willingness to push as hard as I could.

You’ve probably experienced this at some time or another. Sometimes it feels like there are invisible forces surrounding you that  sap your energy and make everything feel heavier and slower. It can be really tempting to sit out a WOD or seven when you know you aren’t at your best. Sometimes it’s a good idea to take a night off and get some rest. However, there are days where it’s necessary to take the workout for what it is– a workout. Did you breathe hard? Did you sweat? Were you uncomfortable? If the answer is yes, you did the best with what you had that day. You showed up and tried even if it wasn’t perfect. That’s is way more important than a PR or top time at the gym. Honestly, often that’s what life really boils down to, showing up and giving it your best when you don’t always want to.

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