Tuesday 10/31

Run 6x400m

While many of you know the issues associated with chronic long distance running, there is still some utility in moving one’s body as fast as possible over some distance. It really is the most basic form of locomotion.

The best thing about it is that you’re never too old to start!

Welcome Baby Theo!

Last week we posted about our recent CrossFit moms. Bri’s contribution came in a little late, which is understandable since she was giving birth. Congratulation Jimmy and Bri!


Doing Crossfit the past 9 months ABSOLUTELY helped with the delivery, (even the doctor commented that the quick delivery was due to “all that weightlifting you do”).  I think the being active helped keep my stamina up as well as deal with pain. When told to bear down, I referenced my lifting techniques on max rep days, and during painful contractions I found myself breathing similar to longer runs.

I didn’t have many concerns about working out during my pregnancy,  I was confident in the knowledge of the coaches, their knowledge of modifying movement, weight, and reps based on my current state. And it was also reassuring that Amy, Laura and so many other women at the gym had gone through the same process and all survived with happy, healthy babes.  I listened to my body, and took rest days as needed. I tried not to compare my pregnant self to my previous self.  And while days, especially in the beginning when i didn’t look/feel pregnant, were tough to do so, it was so helpful for others to remind me that my body was in fact working much harder than most bodies at the gym. That was probably the best piece of advice I recieved.  And hey, some days just getting out of bed and getting to the gym was an achievement in itself.

I don’t feel that I got too much bad advice from outsiders, some gave concerning looks when I’d lift things, or those that knew me well enough just rolled their eyes, when I said I had to go the gym that night after work.  But for the most part, most people know me as being in shape and I think didn’t expect me to quit cold turkey.  And I received a lot of compliments about how in shape I was up until delivery day which was reassuring that what I was doing wasn’t wrong, it was more just not what most women did during pregnancy.  

This was the HARDEST workout of my life! My current PR for baby pushes for time is 20 minutes. And it will be some time before I return to the gym but will definitely be back.

I always wanted to be a pregnant Crossfitter.  Years ago when I read an article about pregnant women I remember telling Jimmy that that was my Crossfit goal.  I was so inspired by them, their charisma, their choice to make a healthy life, not only for themselves, but for their child.  I can only hope that I inspired someone along y journey as well.  I so want to thank Crossfit SAC and all the mamas there.  Without them, I don’t know if I could have done it all along.

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