Saturday 1/7

22 Min AMRAP:

20 Cal Row
20m Handstand Walk
7 Handstand Push Up
7 Front Squat @ 185/125

It’s interesting to me how the holiday season can bring the very best out of people. (It can bring the worst, but that’s a different blog). What I mean to say is, the olidays’ big message revolves around people being good to each other. Good will toward men and women alike. But do we really have only the holidays to treat people as such? Are we only going to speak kindly to others because a greeting card said we should? More than anything, the season doesn’t allow us to behave in any particular way, but rather serves as a reminder that we have no reason NOT to be better people all year round. A festive snowball, slap in the face to shake us up from all the rest of the year and help us remember that we are all part of this planet and we all live our own stories.Sometimes we get so caught up that we assume no one else matters. But we all do. So make the best of this time or year and just because Christmas is over doesn’t mean we stop giving and helping. Let’s keep it going all this next year.

( Steps down from soapbox) 🙂

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