Wednesday 2/1

150 Wall ball for time @ 20/14


We are hosting a Level 1 Seminar this weekend. As such, Saturday’s schedule will be a 9:30am session only and it will be held at Beaver Stadium (ARC track). We’d love to see you out there!

In case you missed the announcement about our Intramural Open the other day – here are all the details

As the 2017 CrossFit Open quickly approaches, we are gearing up for another Intramural competition! Please keep in mind the goal of the Intramural is to make the Open fun, celebrate our awesome community and get to know each other a little better.

Team Captain nominations

Those who volunteered as Captains last year are ineligible and we thank you for your service! 

Only names placed in the Nomination Box at the gym will be considered. Anyone who is interested may also volunteer. We will need at least four captains.

Intramural Team Draft will take place on Saturday Feb. 11th.  Captains will pick their teams here.

Captains may recruit remaining members thereafter. To keep team sizes even, a cap will be placed on teams, as people continue to register, the cap will be increased.  

Anyone not on a team by the 17.1 workout deadline will either be placed on the smallest sized team or randomly assigned to a team.


Each week teams can earn points in the following ways:

1 Point for every team member who completes the workout and submits their score.

1 Point for every Top 3 male, female, scaled and RX’d placement.

1 point for every PR (ex: first double under, first C2B pull up, improving upon a previous Open score, etc). 

5 Points for an athlete or team that demonstrates “Spirit of the Open.” Examples include, but are not limited to encouraging athletes regardless of team, positive attitude, helping to judge/set-up/clean up, etc.

In addition to the point opportunities listed above,  each team will have the chance to earn bonus points with a weekly challenge. 

While we encourage everyone to participate in the Open, only those who are officially registered for the Open and part of the CrossFit SAC Team can earn points. 

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