Monday 1/30


Deadlift 10×2 against bands

3×12 Snatch Grip GHD Hip Ext
3×12 Strict Toe 2 Bar

4×12 Heavy Double KB Swing
4×60 sec tuck/hollow hold

Rest 1 min between efforts


We are hosting a Level 1 Seminar this weekend. As such, Saturday’s schedule will be a 9:30am session only and it will be held either at the Park or the Trach at ARC (details to come). We’d love to see you out there!

Can’t. Couldn’t. Shouldn’t. Impossible. 

Words that I feel get used out of context a great deal. 

Every week I get some kind of opportunity to watch people achieve things they never thought they could or even knew they wanted. Those things happen because those people had the guts to try. They had the willingness to push forward knowing there might be a struggle. Some will fail over and over again only to get right back up and try some more. They’lll smother the whispers of doubt in order to allow the roar of confidence to echo outward and chase away the can’t, couldn’t, shouldn’t. And to show “impossible” that it wasn’t as tough as it thought it was. Others will watch in awe as those people rise to the occasion and find success. And,unfortunately, there are others that will see this success and tell themselves quietly that it is luck. Or a natural gift. Or some other outside circumstance that takes value away from achievement. However they do this not because of their doubt in others, but in themselves.

 “They make that look so easy. There’s no way I could ever do that!”

“Of course that person PR’D, they always have the best luck on lifting day.”

“Man, it must be nice for (so and so), being so good at everything all the time.” 

“I couldn’t do that. Why should I even try?” 

Some of this may sound familiar.  I know it’s been in my thoughts before. If that’s true for you too, then I want you to try something in your own head.

I want you to imagine someone you care about looking at you and saying those things about themselves. Maybe it’s your best friend. Your spouse. Maybe it’s your child that has such little faith in themselves. How do respond? What do you tell them? Do you encourage them to embrace the fear, the doubt they have? Or do you tell them something else? Whatever that advice may be, It’s a good chance that you need to take it as well. If you already do, then my hat is off to you. If not, well, I hope you give it some thought here in the next few weeks.

A good friend and mentor of mine told me years ago. “Control what you can control.”

You may not be able to control how you feel. But you can control what your gonna do about it.

Much Love,

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