Saturday 1/14


Three rounds for reps of:
1 Min at each station

Power Snatch @75/55
Box jump@ 24/20
Thruster @ 75/55
Chest 2 Bar Pull Up
1 Min Rest

The fear of failing. It’s a real deal. I know that there have been may times for me that I stopped my self in a workout because I thought for sure that there was no way in hell I could do any more work. Like a max set of a lift or not adding weight to a bar because I had already convinced myself that it wasn’t gonna happen. But I doing so I have come to discover that 1: that is not usually true, and 2: I will be missing out on some real good things if I don’t at least try.

I have also found that to be true in other aspects of my life.I’m not a big gambler or extreme risk taker. In fact if you’ve known me for a while you’ll know I’m pretty much a basic B%#$H. But in my quest to develop new and unique experiences this year I’ve told myself that it will be just fine if try some new things. I hope you guys will also join me in that regard.

Happy 2017 and it’s new beginnings guys!


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