Monday 9/5

3 rounds, each for time of:

4 jerks @ 185/115
5 front squats @ 185/115
6 power cleans @ 185/115
40 pull-ups
50 push-ups
60 sit-ups

Rest 3 minutes between rounds.

*** REMINDER – Since today is Labor Day we’ll have our standard Holiday schedule of 9am class only. We hope to see you there!

Some of you may have noticed a Facebook ad we’re currently running for our new Lifestyle (RE) Bootcamp class. Similar to the last 6-week program we ran, this one is also geared towards attracting those who may be intimidated by CrossFit. Unlike the last one, we’re opening it up to the guys as well.

If you have friends that are interested in trying out CrossFit and they mention you when they sign up you’ll get a discount on a personal training session with one of our coaches. AND, as long as we don’t get too many people interested in it, current members are welcome to attend FREE of charge.

So if you know someone who has been interested in trying us out but hasn’t pulled the trigger for whatever reason, now is a great time to get them started without any contract or commitment after the 6-week program.

Please help us spread the word about our newest program by telling your friends and sharing us on Facebook.




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