Saturday 9/24

For time:

42 Medball Clean @ 20/14
21 body-weight bench presses
30 Medball Clean
15 body-weight bench presses
18 Medball Clean
9 body-weight bench presses

It’s time to give some blood!

We’ve partnered with Blood Source to hold a gym wide blood drive. If you recall this came about in response to Jason Khlaipa and his daughters’ fight with Leukemia. The CrossFit community has rallied around her with the Ava Will Win campaign. A huge part of this campaign is the call to affiliates around the world to give blood. 

All you need to know is that in order for you to be part of the solution you should set up an appointment and head over to a Blood Source center near you. To do so you have two options

Option 1
go to to find your nearest donation center

Option 2
call 866-822-5663

In either case be sure to give them the number below as your donation code so we can keep track of how CrossFit SAC stacks up in terms of blood volume donated.

Donor Code – 0397

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