Friday 9/23

3 rounds for time of:

20 Strict ring dips
20 Strict chest-to-bar pull-ups
20 Strict Toe 2 Bar


We’re finally telling you to get some SUGAR!

Ok, so we don’t want you to EAT sugar, we want you to USE sugar. Specifically, Sugar WOD. It’s an app for your smartphone that we’re implementing in the gym that allows for workout tracking as well as some more community involvement. 

Tired of flipping through pages and pages in your notebook to find the last time we did this workout or this lift? It’ll be there waiting for you in Sugar WOD.

Tired of snapping photos of the whiteboard and having to create an entry in some sort of other program? Sugar WOD allows our coaching staff to pre-build the workout in the system so that all you have to do is open the app and click LOG YOUR RESULT.

Do you have a hard time remembering to track your workouts? Well with Sugar WOD your coaches can see who’s staying up on their log book and who’s slacking and send helpful reminders or pats on the back.

Ready to get started? Below are the links you can follow to download the app and start logging through Sugar WOD.




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