Tuesday 9/20


For time:
30 Snatches 135/95

Sometimes I forget that I live in a bit of a bubble. Day after day, I interact with people who want to be stronger, faster, healthier. So when I hear about a woman’s hesitation to start CrossFit out fear of getting bulky, I’m a little taken aback. Is that still a thing? That touching anything heavier than a 5# dumbbell will make you look like Arnold Schwarzenegger in a wig? Sadly, it is! 

The truth is, it is really freakin’ hard to get “bulky” (whatever that means) without doing some very specific things, like doing lots and lots of isolation movements (think bicep curls and leg extensions) over and over. Oh yeah, and steroids! Lay off the vitamin S and you likely won’t be mistaken for a man from behind. 


And even if you are thinking to yourself, I’ve seen how some of those CrossFit games athletes look– that’s too much muscle! Don’t worry, because those women train much more than you do. I can guarantee that Brooke Ence (who is playing an Amazon in the new Wonder Woman movie, by the way!) did not get that well muscled bod by doing a WOD three days a week. The women you see at the Games are essentially professional athletes and they train a heck of a lot harder than we do to be competitive in their sport. 

There are so many benefits to weightlifting and it would be such a shame if someone limited their potential out of fear of looking a certain way. 

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