Thursday 9/1

Dynamic Effort Lower

Wide stance Box Squat 10×2 @ 50% + 25% band tension

1 set of 8 Box Squat using same load on barbell as dynamic effort (no band)

Speed Deadlift 10×2 @ 45-50% + 30% band tension

18″ step up with DB/KB 3×8 per leg for max load

3x max rep GHR

Banded Marching 3×2 minutes

As I sit here at the desk just thinking about what I’d like to address with you, I find myself just drinking in all of what we have here at the gym. I look upon the vast landscape that encompasses the 3 levels of our fitness kingdom. I see the well used climbing ropes hanging from up high. I see the ever steady jerk blocks proud and affirmed up against the wall. Plates and bars. Bells and scars. Chalk covered pull up bars and rings and ink filled white boards displaying the names and numbers of our comrades. A leader board showcasing the victories won  against our common foes. And our gym name in bold print, proud and grand.

It’s a beautiful place where we find ourselves being the best we can be. Where we share dreams and goals with each other as well as our defeats and disappointments.

When one of us succeeds, we cheer and revel in our community. When one of us falls, we all feel it. When we induct new members into the fold, we welcome them with open arms and smiles o’plenty. 

This is, in truth, the best job I have ever had. The main reason for that is our people. Never I have been more proud to serve and work for a group of individuals in my life. Every face that comes through our doors. Every drop of sweat that hits the floor. Every time anyone does something they didn’t think they could do or dream of ever doing. That’s what keeps me stoked to be here with you guys. I know it’s cheezy, but you guys know me. I’m a huge block of cheddar. 

Stay classy CrossFit SAC. Thanks for being you.

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