Friday 8/19

Dynamic Effort – Lower Body

Front Squat 12×2 @ 50% of 1RM w/25% band tension resting
30:45 seconds between lifts

Find 8RM Good Morning

3×10 Glute ham raise

3 rounds of:
1 min static ab front
30 sec right side
30 sec left side

Single Leg Banded Hip Bridge – 4×15 Per Leg


Today’s workout is a departure from our mainsite programming this month which called for a Front Squat 5-5-5-5-5 workout. Instead, we’re going to incorporate what we learned at the Powerlifting seminar and integrate it with today’s workout.

I’m keeping this quote in mind as we proceed forward:

“The worst thing knowledge can lead to is wisdom, it must lead to action.”

And now, today’s Class Structure:

Let’s assume not everyone is going to know what their 1RM Front squat is even though we just did it. So during the warm up it’s going to be key that we watch for new folks because today is so different. To better keep an eye on everyone we’ll set up racks only on the Crossfit SAC wall, and set up GHD’s along the 10 skills wall for the accessory stuff.

Foam Roll

Grab dowel right into DROM
Brief WOD and explain how different it is today since were looking for a repeatable weight with speed.
Demo and explain Box Squat standards and how they are different from regular as well as how the bands will work. It’s vitally important for people to take ownership of the weight they’ll have on the bar and the bands needed to provide the appropriate stimulus for the day. It’s up to the lifter to make sure that their team is adjusting the barbell correctly for them. Additionally, it’s advisable to have the lightest weight on the bar to start and only add weight as people rotate through rather than having to take weight off and on between each lifter. The same goes for band tension since adjusting that will require taking all of the plates off and on each time. 

Find your team and begin warmup
10 after each team member does 5 box squats empty bar, no bands – use this time to find appropriate heights for the box, use mat squares to make finer adjustments and make sure people remember their individual “settings” –  then 5 more with bands, using band tension that will be used during the workout.
By 15 after they should be adding weight by 20 after it’s time to rock. Recall that they talked about “warm” muscles firing slightly more slowly so there won’t be much time dedicated to warm up AND since we’re operating at 50% of 1RM there shouldn’t need to be. 

Rotations should be quick and precise, this needs to be a team effort where each person is engaged and helpful throughout in order to maximize the effectiveness of the day. It’s also going to fall on us to make sure that this is happening and that there are no slow downs in the process.

The whole thing should take less than 15 minutes. 

By the time we get cleaned up and scores on the board (Your score will be the weight you used on you last set.) we should have 30 ish min to play with the other dynamic stuff.

In the same teams you’ll perform the remaining work for quality not time but we should emphasize intensity.

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