Wednesday 8/17

3 rounds for time of:

Row 1,000 meters
Run 800 meters


Note that there is no “rest as needed.”

The time domain between the two movements should be about even, we are going to limit the row effort to 4 minutes, so the distance on the run may need to be scaled to mirror that time frame. For example, if Athlete A is approaching 800m at around the 4 minute mark, they will be cut to 800m and will row 800m the next two rounds.

For the run option 1 is to have them run 800m

Option 2 is 600m (have them run past the 500m turn around, past the Liquor store to the corner of the blue curb, where the black fence meets the sidewalk)

Option 3 is probably the 400m, as long as this takes more than 2:30 or so and less than 4:00 the first round.

If there are more than 6 people in class, about half of them will start on the rower, the remainder start with the run, when the runners return, they will either row, or if no rowers are available, bike no more than a 2k, pull a sled or sandbag carry (think same weight used for the 5k run scale, nothing too heavy) for about 4 minutes. If the class is between 7 and 12 people, try to start the same number of people running as rowing. So if 7 people are in class, 4 row and 3 run so that 1 person isn’t running by themselves.

In the event of more than 12 people in class, the goal will be to get everyone on the rower at least once and to make sure that people are getting exposure to two different monostructural movements, ie no one is going on two 800m runs or two 1000m rows as a round.

The first round should take about 8 minutes, though there will be a natural slow down in the second and third rounds. This workout should take no more than 27 minutes, so keep an eye out, as people might need to be scaled further.

Warm Up
200m run

200m row

This can be done in either order if the class is larger than 6 people, again cutting the class in half for the warm up.

:05 DROM

:08 WOD brief, discuss the various landmarks and how this WOD may be scaled depending on class size. (We won’t do much row technique break out, but quickly touch on some of the common faults and the cue that we might give to correct it.)

Set up any needed sandbags, sleds, bikes

:15 WOD starts

:42ish workout finished

Accessory work:
GHD sit ups 2 set of 20 (parallel for those new to the GHDs) or 3 sets of 8 weighted GHD sit ups (to parallel) for more veteran athletes. The weighted can be either with weight on the chest or to overhead as long as the leg extension is preserved.

100 banded good mornings/ hip ext.


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