Tuesday 8/16

5 rounds for time :

12 dumbbell snatches
9 bench presses
6 bar muscle-ups

Warm up
20 banded hip extension
:05 2 rounds of 8 ea:
      Push up
      Pull up/ring row  

:10 Brief WOD

:15 DB snatch breakout (the snatch is alternating arm, touching the floor between reps). 
     Since the reps on these are low, the weight should be on the heavier side (like in the neighborhood of what they used for last week’s squat clean thruster).

:20 Floor Press review
     This is going to be a new movement for most people. We want to make sure that they can get into and maintain a good shoulder position and keep back tension before we worry about going heavy.

:30 Bar MU practice
     We won’t be able to devote much time to breaking down this movement. If people can do BMUs but not 6 with any kind of speed, we will take as few as 3 as a scale. Any fewer than 3/round and the goal today is to expose them to a bit more volume with a mechanically sound movement pattern so we’ll switch to a banded/jumping option to allow for that. 
     Other scaling options (these scales should allow for no fewer than 6 reps):
     Banded BMU
     Jumping BMU
    Burpee chest-to-bar

:35 WOD starts

We’re looking for not much longer than about 20 minutes. To get there, with the exception of scaling the number of BMUs from the start, we will cut rounds instead of reps.

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