Monday 8/15

Snatch balance
1-1-1-1-1-1-1 reps

Many of you may not be aware but we do actually have a plan for how our classes are going to be run whether it’s fully written out (like you’ll read this week) or simply discussed in person there’s always a plan about how to make sure that the intended stimulus of the workout is maintained and our people get the most out of the day, every day. 

So, this week we want to give our members a bit of a “peek behind the curtain” of what goes into that plan, it’s what we call our Class Structure.

Hopefully this will be useful for you all. 


This workout is more skill intensive than about physical strength. The goal is to work on developing speed and stability pulling under the bar for the snatch.

Warm Up
:04 Brief WOD and drill snatch balance with PVC.
We will use the Burgener skill transfer to drill the snatch balance. 
1 Round with PVC of ~5 reps of each
Behind neck SN grip PP
OH squats
Snatch Drops (dowel is locked out OH, feet move from jumping to landing positions).
Snatch Balance
Heaving snatch balance

Add weight
1 round with weight (weighted dowel up to empty barbell) of ~5 reps of each:
Behind neck PP
OH squat
(heaving) Snatch Balance

:15 Begin workout*, go until :40
*Since this movement is intended to develop speed getting under/ pushing under the bar as well as help develop proper footwork, once this turns into a push press/jerk into an OHS, we will back down in weight (approx 80% or enough to maintain speed) and complete any remaining sets at the lower weight.

Since this workout is more about coordination and speed the amount of weight moved might be relatively light compared to a 1RM OHS and people have the potential to finish this rather quickly as technique breaks down. We will finish up the hour with some accessory work aimed at strengthening the hamstrings and developing better tricep extension.

Accessory work:
From :40-:55
2x 20 1-leg GHD Hip ext
2x 20 DB Roll back press
100 Seated band leg curls

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