Saturday 7/30

4 rounds for time of:
20 Overhead Squat @ 115/75
20 Box Jump @ 30/24

Here’s a little video that features our Coach Glassman talking to a few folks at CNBC. It’s a segment you may or may not have already seen and it’s not particularly profound or deeply rooted in heavy conversation. But, as usual, listening to Coach is always a treat. I’m sure the intent of this interview was to dig to find the more business side of CrossFit and to get a more “corporate” response. It’s almost like putting dollar signs on everything is the only way to look at life. Boo hiss. It seems to confuse people how a CEO can have roughly 13,000 affiliates under them and not be talking a percentage of their income. Sure there are affiliate fees but that’s a flat number not a percentage. What makes the CrossFit dream work is it’s community and that means everything from the bonds we share in side our own gym, to seeing someone in a Supermarket with Nanos on and instantly want to bond, all the way to Glassmans respect for the driving force of his movement which are his affiliates. The love goes full circle. Enjoy the shortish video and Coaches always confidant responses. Give the article a quick read and I hope it makes your day better. 


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