Wednesday 7/20

3 rounds for time of:

250-meter row
21 hip extensions
21 AbMat sit-ups
400-meter run

***Reminder- Dave and Amy are at the CrossFit Games from Friday 15th until Monday 25th. Be good to your coaches Calvin and Laura while we’re gone. And watch the Games!***

Hey there everyone. It’s Calvin again. Here to talk to you about a serious topic. Butt-hurtedness. And not the kind that you get when something doesn’t go your way. But a more literal kind. The kind that we CrossFitters know all too well. We do some pretty tough workouts and often times we’re feeling the lasting effects of those workouts for at least a few days. This is a real thing called Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness. Or DOMS for short. I’ll give you the Cliffs Notes.

When your muscle are used in an intense way they get sore. Some of it is muscle tissue breaking down and getting pulled on and contracting and things like that. If the movement is repeated enough times safely, over time that same soreness won’t come back as easily because the body adapts to the moment. This is why your first experience with Tabata squats had you thinking that your legs might fall off 3 days after the fact and your umpteenth time you are just sore for a day or so. This is also why athletes that specialize in a single sport don’t get as sore doing their drills and workouts because it usually requires a great deal of repetition. So if you’re a runner and you do “Helen” it’s most likely your arms that’ll be rocked for a few days but not your legs.

Which brings me to this. The goal of a CrossFit athlete is to train with constantly varied stimulus. So, by our very nature we don’t do the same thing day after day like other athletes might. So guess what? We will almost always be sore. YAY!!! As such, we need to be striving every day to fight that off to help us move better and perform better. So here it comes. Mobilize! Yes, simply put stretch. Foam roll, use bands, Voodoo Floss. Hell, the edge of a seat or the corner of a wall might be just the thing to get you limber and feeling good. Not only does it help you feel better physically and help you work out harder. But mentally you’ll likely be happier too. Think about it. If you’ve ever had a tooth ache or a really bad stomach ache all day long, how enthusiastic can you be? What kind of a head space does that create? A pretty bad one I’d say. So do yourself a favor and spend some time getting loose. It’ll be worth it for sure.

Mobility may not fix all the problems in the world but it’s a start.

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