Monday 7/18

10-round Tabata squat
3 attempts at max handstand hold

This Tabata interval is 20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest for 10 intervals. Remain in the bottom of the squat for every other rest interval (alternate bottom-to-bottom). Perform handstands against a wall and hold for as long as possible. Rest as needed between attempts.

***Reminder- Dave and Amy are at the CrossFit Games from Friday 15th until Monday 25th. Be good to your coaches Calvin and Laura while we’re gone. And watch the Games!***


A great quote from Maximus. But also a great question for all of us to ponder. It brings up a very valid kind of aspect to our approach to how we train and why we’re here. A little while back we had posted a blog about why we Crossfit. I’m going to piggy back off that and ask a second part to the question. My big question then is, are you still having a good time while you do it? When you train, are you enjoying yourself? Obviously, if you’re doing training the right way and really going hard during your workout, you’re not feeling “pleasant”. But how about after? Are you still feeling accomplished? Are you still enjoying the overall experience?

I haven’t been doing Crossfit for very long in the grand scheme of things. But somehow I’ve run a full gambit of emotion with my time in the box. From pure bright eyed and bushy tailed excitement all the way to thinking about quitting all together. What I came to realize was that during this ebb and flow of feelings there were some consistent factors in play. Mostly, when I was bright eyed and excited, I was also progressing better. Go figure. But at the time I was less fit. As opposed to when I was actually fitter as a whole, I found myself not making the leaps I had before and each training day felt like murder. That’s when I started to dislike working out. 

I wasn’t having fun. I wasn’t enjoying my time and because of that, I didn’t go anywhere with my gains. I was so caught up in working hard and beating other people or red numbers or times and weights, that I forgot to remember how lucky I was to be here and what I GOT to do. Not HAD to do. When I figured that out, life was so much better and I was back on track again. I live in a first world country where I get clean water, clean cloths, fresh food, and the internet. Life is pretty damn cool. I get to wear pajamas all day and show people how to get after pull ups. Yay me. For you guys, this is a retreat of sorts. A place to let go of stress and just let yourself push out the demons of your day. You can dress up in brightly colored swag and play with toys and chalk and rings and bars and everything! How great is that? Don’t stress out over what should be the best hour of your day. 

Just a friendly reminder to always love what you do. See you soon guys.

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