Friday 7/15

21-15-9 reps for time of:

275-lb. deadlifts
Strict ring dips


***Reminder- Dave and Amy will be gone Friday 15th until Monday 25th. Be good to your coaches Calvin and Laura! And watch the CrossFit Games!***

So, we’re going to look at some videos of Rich Froning doing some workouts. Why? Because everybody likes watching videos of Rich Froning. For guys, it’s what we wish we aspire to be. For gals, it can turn into a fitness based Nicholas Sparks movie real fast but one thing that we can all take away from these videos is a great example of focus, dedication, and virtuosity. The two videos below are in many ways totally different workouts. One is a team workout with what are higher skill movements in large quantities and the other is a bit more “raw strength”. Both are very challenging in their respective ways but you’ll notice a couple of things. 

The first is the focus. If you watch Rich closely you can see how “in the zone” he really is no matter the movement. What ever task he performs he approaches it with the utmost concentration. This sometimes gives the illusion that he is unaffected by the work. Of course that isn’t true. He’s working very hard but that focus keeps him on track and you’ll very seldom see him collapse or fall over or cry out. 

Dedication. This isn’t the only workout Rich and company has done that day. If you pause the team WOD video when it lists some of the previous activities they tackled you’ll be both amazed and possibly horrified. Yes, he’s sore. Yes he’s tired. But he is always striving to be better. In order to do that you have to put in the work. Not just go through the motions. Not just be here, but be PRESENT. Really putting forth the effort no matter how out of whack he might feel. Safe, of course but not pulling punches.

Virtuosity. Performing the common uncommonly well. Or, in street talk, “Damn he makes that look easy!” Whether the strict pull up, the double under (there’s a video out there of Rich doing 300 unbroken) or the 100 lb DB squat snatch, it looks smooth and beautiful. Realize the those first two pieces we discussed lead to moving so well. The focus and the effort combined makes him get better… so then it’s not as hard… so then it looks cooler.. see where I’m going here? 

The take away? You don’t have to train like Rich in regards to volume or weight. You only need to keep coming to class. But if you stay focused, do your WOD with intention, and always give 100% well my friend, you can train like Rich Froning.

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