Wednesday 6/29

Back Squat


We’re going to squat some heavy weights today folks!

These can be a bit of a debate among coaches as to whether or not to spot these lifts. At CrossFit SAC we’ve chosen to teach our athletes how to properly bail on back squats rather than use spotters. The video below might help to demonstrate why.

It comes from the International Powerlifting Federation’s World Championships 2016. These are some of the best powerlifters in the world competing on as big a stage as they might ever be on. Even here, or maybe especially here, if the spotters aren’t strong enough, or paying enough attention, or properly trained really bad things can happen.

The moral of this video is that we’re not going to spot you on your lifts today. What we are going to do is teach you how to safely bail out of a lift if things get out of hand so that you can take care of yourself.

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