Tuesday 6/28

Max rep rope climbs in 2 min
Rest exactly 3 min after finishing

21-15-9 reps for time of:
DB Hang Power Clean @ 45/30
DB Front Squat


It’s impossible to understate the importance of mindset when it comes to the workouts we do. I can promise you that we have NEVER had anyone walk into our doors that was physically incapable of doing the workouts we do. Not once has that ever happened. 

Unfortunately, there have been people who have walked through our doors with the idea that they can’t do these workouts, and that idea is very powerful. If you believe you’re capable you will find a way to make it happen. Alternatively, if you believe that you aren’t you will find ways to support that belief and prove yourself right. 

So the choice is yours. Walk into the gym with the idea that you aren’t capable and won’t be able to do the workout, that it will be too hard and that you don’t want to be here OR walk in with the idea that no matter what is written on the board you will be able to get through the version the coaches give you.

Which way will lead you to your goals?

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