Monday 6/27

Against a 24 min clock:
1 mile run
30 Toe 2 Bar
20 Burpee box jump over @ 24/20
800m run
20 Toe 2 Bar
10 Burpee box jump over
400m run
10 Toe 2 Bar
5 Burpee box jump over

With whatever time you have left accumulate max rep strict C2B pull up

It’s that time of year again folks, the time when we start to remind you about how important it is to take care of yourself outside of the gym so that you can perform at your best inside it. 

With the heat that we’ll be expecting this summer, just like every other summer in Sacramento, it’s vitally important to make sure that you’re drinking enough water all day long. It’s super easy to forget this as you go about your day in the air conditioning, but once you step outside you’re reminded pretty quickly that you haven’t had enough to drink. 

So drink your water all day long!

How do you know if you’ve got enough water in your system? Easy, look at your urine. The darker the color the more dehydrated you are. The goal is to have it be slightly opaque, not completely clear.

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