Tuesday 6/21

Heavy Isabel
For time:
30 Snatch @ 225/155


So you may have heard that last weekend was Father’s Day. If you went on social media at all in the last few days it was pretty hard to escape. For me, Father’s Day means a trip up to visit my parents and tennis with my Dad on Sunday.

Some of you may know that in a past life I played A LOT of tennis, like daily. I don’t get out on the court much any more. In fact, my annual outing with Dad is about the only time I play nowadays. But, the things we do in the gym make it pretty easy to pick up where I left off. 

That’s why I fitness. 

While I don’t do any hiking, biking, or skiing or any of those types of things, I know that I COULD if I wanted to. 

That’s why I fitness.

On any given day if the itch arose I know that physically I could handle whatever I wanted to. Rock climbing, sure! Waterskiing, let’s go! Horseback riding, adventure racing, pick up basketball, you name it, I might not be good at it but physically I could handle it. 

What is it that drives you to class on a daily basis? What’s your drive? What’s your motivation?

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