Monday 6/20

5 rounds:
1 min max cal row/bike
Rest as needed between efforts

7- Thou shall be affectionate
This one is, admittedly a stretch… but give your barbell a hug every now and then. Barbell hugs are always in the form of a hook grip.

8- Thou shall forgive
Everyone has life things that come up. Don’t beat yourself up when you miss a workout. Forgive yourself, your coaches forgive you too. Just don’t make it a habit.

9- Thou shall be kind
It’s not always easy to walk away from a workout that was a struggle and keep a positive attitude. Thoughts like “I’m just so weak” or “why am I so out of shape” might start to creep into your mind. Here’s the thing, you would never let anyone else say those things to you. Think about it, if someone walked up to you and said “you’re very weak” you might just haul off and clock them one. Your coaches would certainly never let anyone talk to you that way, so don’t let you talk to you that way. Be kind to yourself, we’ve all got our own journey and you’re on your fitness journey right now.

10- Thou shall show appreciation
Give yourself credit when it’s due. Did you have an extra hard week at work but still made it in to the workout 4 times? Have your kids been giving you a hard time but you haven’t brought that energy with you to the gym. Good for you. Show yourself some appreciation and take credit when it’s due. You deserve it!

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