Saturday 6/18

25 Burpee
5 Rounds of:
4 Power Clean @ 185/125
3 Push Jerk @ 185/125

25 Burpee

Yesterday we talked about the first three on the list. Today we’ll talk about numbers 3-6.

4- Thou shall love unconditionally
This isn’t about loving the workouts (I don’t love how they feel during them either) but it is about loving yourself enough to go through them, with the knowledge of what you are becoming as a result. So love yourself!

5- Thou shall communicate
Tell your coaches when you have things going on. This means when you show up to the gym if you know you’re feeling extra sore that day it’s OK to tell us. It also means if you know you’ve got some kind of nagging thing going on or some aches and pains it’s OK and even expected that you let us know. 

6- Thou shall find balance
Believe it or not there is more to life than your workouts. It’s important to get out of the gym and enjoy your life as well. Hang out with friends, join a club, play a sport, go to the movies, do stuff. It doesn’t matter how fit you get if you end up with no friends and unable to enjoy it.


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