Friday 6/17

“Fight Gone Bad!”
Three rounds of:
Wall-ball @ 20/14 pound ball
Sumo deadlift high-pull @ 75/55
Box Jump @ 20″/16″ 
Push-press @ 75/55

The above video is meant to highlight things to aspire to in “lasting relationships” between two people. In the next few blog posts we’re going to discuss how these tenets can be applied to your relationship with your workout, your gym and your fitness.

1- Thou shall be honest
Be honest with yourself about your effort. Your coaches get a pretty good idea of what you’re capable of, and will try to find ways to encourage you to work to your potential. In the end though, YOU are the only one who really knows if you’re working as hard as you can in a given workout or if you’ve given yourself an excuse to rest longer than you need or run slower than you’re capable.

2- Thou shall show respect
Respect the workout. Each day we program is designed to illicit a specific stimulus in order to create a positive adaptation in your fitness. Respect the intent here and scale appropriately (by working with your coaches) in order to preserve that stimulus. 

3- Thou shall be loyal
Be loyal to the days you train. It’s easy to read the blog and know that the workout coming up tomorrow is one that’s going to be WAY outside your wheelhouse, and then use that information to rationalize taking a day off. Don’t do that to yourself and your fitness. Be loyal to your training and respect the workout that the day calls for knowing that it will all be for the best in the end. 


More to come tomorrow!

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