Thursday 6/16

3 rounds for time:

400m run
12 Thruster @ 135/95

Some astute observers in our community have already guessed this workout before it posted. They’re right. Almost exactly a year ago we did this trio of workouts. All of them featured 3 rounds of 400m runs with 12 reps of a barbell lift with the same loading. These three workouts together can be a great way to test an athletes capacity in these three common lifts and can be an eye opening experience if performed correctly.

All other things being equal, it should be the case that Tuesday’s workout takes the longest, with Wednesday being slightly faster and today being even faster still. The reason for this has to do with cycle time (or the time it takes to complete 1 rep of the movement). 

The Clean & Jerks from Tuesday take longer due to the pause at the shoulder in order to travel the same distance (ground to overhead) as the Power Snatch from yesterday. The thrusters featured in todays workout, not only have a faster cycle time in general but also have the added benefit of relying less on grip and more on will in order to complete more reps. Once the barbell is in your hands already, and knowing you’ll have to pick it up again if you drop it, tends to help people summon the will required to complete those last couple reps faster.

Whether you care or not about these things is up to you, either way know that you’re in for a treat today as we finish up a bit of nostalgia in this third consecutive throwback workout.

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